What does Responsible Pet Ownership mean? It means treating your pet like it is one of the family, because it is.

Texas GSP Rescue suggests that you discuss with your vet the health requirements for your pet. As a reference, we have provided the following guidelines:

Your GSP should receive monthly heartworm preventative, without exception. Your GSP should be on flea and tick preventative.

Your GSP should receive an annual rabies shot (for some areas, 3 year rabies vaccines may be available, and this can be discussed with your vet)

Your GSP should receive an annual DHLPP (distemper/parvo) shot

Your GSP should receive a bordatella shot every 6 months

Your GSP should receive an annual heartworm test. The heartworm test should be repeated 6 months following adoption, as there is a window in which a dog may test negative and in fact be positive for heartworms.

Your GSP should receive an annual fecal test.

Dog's ears need to be cleaned and paid attention to. As do dog's teeth and a dental cleaning may be necessary at the advice of your vet.

If you adopt a GSP puppy from us, a dog under a year old will require more than one set of puppy booster shots. Once the dog is adopted, the remaining shots become the obligation of the adopter. You should discuss these requirements with your vet.

Other requirements of a Responsible Pet Owner:

GSPs are not an appropriate breed for an outdoor only home and will not be adopted to one.

No dog should ride in the back of a pick-up truck which is not secured in an attached crate.

GSPs require significant exercise, both physically and mentally. This will be a daily commitment required by an adopter. Failure to provide such stimulation can cause a GSP to be destructive.

Every dog should be wearing proper identification and secured such that the dog is safe and not outside of a fence or home without direct owner supervision.