Will ( Austin)

Price: $300.00


Hi All Will here,

I came into rescue a little over 2 weeks ago, skinny and scared. I am adjusting really well to my foster family and their rules and have gained a few pounds. They give me lots of good food and treats! I love treats!! If I sit, I get a treat! I have learned to sit when I come in from outside and then I get a treat. Sometimes I get a Kong filled with peanut butter. I like that treat too. My resident brother likes to steal the Kong from my kennel when the door is open; unfortunately for him I have already eaten all of the peanut butter from it. Speaking of him, I LOVE to play with him! We wrestle and wrestle and share toys. We never growl at each other or bark, we just run and play or wrestle. My foster family has some silly rule about not wrestling in the house…I don’t really understand that rule, so lots of time when we are in the house 1 of us has to be in our crate. I don’t really mind being in my crate, it is big and roomy and has a nice soft bed.

There are 2 resident cats here, 1 is older and she hisses at me if I pay too much attention to her. So I try to ignore her. The other one is a 6 month old kitten that is a big flirt! She isn’t afraid of me at all! She is always trying to touch my big soft ears or tail or fur. Sometimes when I am eating she tries to come eat with me. My foster mom grabs her quickly and tells her to leave me alone. I am not sure what to think of her and my foster family usually tries to keep her from getting to close, something about trust even though I haven’t tried to eat her or play rough with her. I would probably be ok with having a feline sister or brother but not if they go outside with me. They would look too much like prey.

This past weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) we went to a great big dog park and I had the BEST time playing with all the dogs and running around like I was crazy! I got along well with all the dogs and the people. I think I greeted almost everyone at the park in order to get some extra pets! A few of the humans at the park told my foster family they can’t believe that they aren’t keeping me because I am such a nice boy.

My foster family says that I am smart and pick up on things quickly. I can sit when asked, come when called and walk on a leash, although I like to pull. They got me a really pretty orange harness so I don’t choke myself. My foster dad takes me for a 2 mile walk every morning and we are working on not pulling. I am housebroken and haven’t had an accident in the house or crate. I like to put my nose on the counter, I have such long legs I don’t have to jump but have a few times. I get down as soon as my foster mom or dad tells me to. I like to beg for food when they are eating, what dog doesn’t, but I don’t take anything from their plates. I don’t’ care if they take my food away while I am eating or touch me or my food (no resource guarding that we have noticed). I even let them take treats from me. I let them pet me all over and have never growled or acted aggressive to my foster family. I like to jump in the recliner with my foster mom; she laughs and tells me I am a big lug! And I like to snuggle on the couch with my foster dad. He pets my nice big soft ears. The resident dog isn’t too happy when I am snuggling with his parents but he lets me since he knows I don’t have parents of my own. Hopefully soon I will have my very own family but until I do, I love my foster family.


Specific details

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Age Adult
Gender Male
Size X-tra Large
Child Friendly? UNKNOWN
Pet Friendly Cats, Dogs
General Info Spayed/Neutered, Current Shots, Housetrained


Austin, Texas, United States