Jethro ( College Station)

Price: $300.00


  1. Health – Jethro is about 7 years old.  This guy is in good shape. No known issues, meds, etc. The Vet said he is good to go. Recently neutered. He is a little thin so he needs some extra calories.  Jethro also had his entropian eyes fixed as well while he has been in rescue. 
  2. Housetraining – He has done great and asks to be let out when he needs it.
  3. Counter Surfing – No issues.
  4. Trash picking – Our house has been dog optimized so to speak and there are few opportunities for trash picking. Honestly, he really hasn’t shown any interest in the trash cans.
  5. Chewing – No known issues. He loves a ball and has been very good.
  6. Commands – He knows Sit, Shake, and Stay is coming along well.
  7. Habits – He’s very content to sit next to me while I watch TV or lay on the rug in my office.
  8. Behavior w/children – He was very good when he met my neighbor’s daughter (11) and young sons (3 and 5).
  9. Behavior w/other dogs – We have two male Shorthairs and Jethro has been friendly and playful with them.
  10. Behavior w/cats – No cats for this guy.
  11. Leash Training – Jethro is good on a lead but is enthusiastic from time to time. If he pulls he is easily corrected with a steady tug. Jerking the lead upsets him.
  12. Crate Training – No problems getting in a crate.
  13. Special sleeping requirements – His preference is to sleep on the bed but he does just fine in a kennel in our bedroom.
  14. Activity level – Moderate.  
  15. Specific fears and reactions – He’s not shy in any way. Just a friendly, sweet dog.  Extremely gun shy ( sees a gun and will go hide)   
  16. Response to raising/lowering voice – No known issues.

Jethro is a wonderful dog! He is smart, good looking, and affectionate but not a kissy face. He’s on the small side for a Shorthair, which is good! He enjoys a ride in the truck and is a good truck dog. He has been great with our own dogs and seems to have no issues with dogs or people he does not know. He is a great watchdog! Jethro is one of the coolest Shorthairs I’ve ever met. If I didn’t have my two yahoos, I would keep him. 

Specific details

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Age Adult
Gender Male
Size Small
Child Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly Dogs
General Info Spayed/Neutered, Current Shots, Housetrained


United States