Dexter (Houston)

Price: $300.00


My name is Dexter and I'm four years old. I am neutered and completely house trained (no accidents, ever).

My favorite thing is to be cuddled up next to my human with my head on their lap.

I'm well-behaved inside, but when I go outside I'm full of energy and love to run and stalk birds. I can run and run and then run some more. I spend my day playing with my brothers and keeping an eye on the squirrels and pigeons outside. Sometimes butterflies and dragonflies distract me too.

I don't play fetch, but I LOVE squeaky toys. I especially like to prance around with a toy in my mouth and throw it up in the air, just to catch it again. I like to be walked, but I get distracted with all the smells and zig-zag all over the place. If someone taught be better manners on the leash, I would love to go running with you.

My previous owner didn't leave me alone much, so I have mild separation anxiety. I don't like being left in my crate for a long time, but I do find it a comforting place to be. With some additional training, I might be able to stay in the crate overnight. I really like schedules and routine. I'm fine with almost any schedule, as long as you stick to it most of the time.

I will eat anything yummy within my reach. One time I ate a whole cooked chicken carcass and another time a whole stick of butter, but I was fine because I have a stomach of steel!

I like playing with other dogs, but I don't know all the social cues to show other dogs I want to play. I'm learning how to play, but right now my main technique is to bark in their face until they run and I can chase them :)

I'm fine with smaller dogs (around 35 pounds), but I haven't been around anything smaller than that. I've never seen a cat, so I don't know if I like them. I'm fine with kids, as long as I've had a run first to get out some of my energy.

My priority is to make my human happy (and eat treats).

I am very submissive to other dogs and it is easy for me to be bullied. I need a home where the other dogs won't push me around.

Specific details

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Age Young
Gender Male
Size Medium
Child Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly Dogs
General Info Spayed/Neutered, Current Shots, Housetrained


Houston, Texas, United States