Dash (Houston)

Price: $300.00


Howdy, I'm Dash the Incredible. I see your eyes wandering and questioning, "Where's your other paw?" Well, the lore surrounding the whereabouts of my lost leg are more confusing than that silly lizard of Loch ness. Some have said I was the magician in a traveling circus who Houdini learned his escape acts from. Others believe I was a renowned hunter and fought a grizzly over a squirrel. My foster dad believes I would fit best in a home with other furry friends, three or four legged. As I am well acclimated I have no problems with other pets, small children, loud noises, food aggression, jumping.

As a gentleman I do my business outside and will patiently wait until either you let me out, or open the dog door. If you decide to leave me out in the house, once you return you will find remnants of any tasty/smell/fun morsels left at my eye level, and also as a gentleman I will be sure to bring a present to you each time you arrive. My bloodline dates back generations and squirrels or rabbits are to be treated as hostile. Therefore, my foster dad believes a tight chain link fence is probably best to protect us from going on adventures in the neighborhood and getting calls from neighbors that you're invited over for squirrel stew. My foster dad and I have been working on refining my gentlemanly skills while on the leash, sitting, staying, healing, and using my puppy dog eyes to melt your heart. My foster dad believes cold nights while traveling with the circus is the root of my preference for snuggling so heavily. With some persistence, and a good dog bed I'd be happy to sleep adjacent your bed or in my crate. You will not find another with a tail that wags faster or more often than mine. I'm happy to meet anyone that can spare a moment to scratch my right side, has a strong fence, likes adventure, and wants to hear the story of my paw.

Specific details

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Age Young
Gender Male
Size Medium
Child Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly Dogs
General Info Spayed/Neutered, Current Shots, Housetrained


Houston, Texas, United States