Alfie (Corpus Christi)

Price: $100


Sweet Alfie is available for adoption now!  He is approximately 10 years old. 

Alfie is such a sweet, great dog. He is calm, well-behaved, and a snuggler. He is happy to be inside, napping and being pet. He likes to be outside also, and he LOVES chasing the tennis ball. He is good with other dogs, doesn’t seem to be incredibly interested in rough housing with them. He is not aggressive in any way. He would be happiest somewhere with a yard and an open couch. Get your applications in for this sweet senior boy!

Health –Alfie is in fair health. He was recently neutered and had his teeth cleaned and a couple removed due to bad hygiene/infection. Was told his hips/joints look great for a senior boy. He has had a few seizures, but the vet did not find any specific cause. He has not had one since November and does not currently require any medication for them.
2. Housetraining – He has never had an accident. He asks to be let out when he needs it.
3. Counter Surfing – He does not counter surf.
4. Trash picking – He has never shown any interest in the trash.
5. Chewing – He had one incident where he chewed a phone charger, it was very out of character, and I believe it was because there was lightning and thunder and he was nervous.
6. Commands –He knows "sit" and "kennel" 
7. Habits – He follows me everywhere. He thinks he belongs on the furniture. I have tried to combat that, but I come home and he is on the couch. He does bark a bit when he is outside at squirrels/bunnies, and he will bark occasionally when he wants to come inside. He does not do it much.
8. Behavior w/children – He is great with children. Loves to play fetch with them!
9. Behavior w/other dogs – He gets along with other dogs. He is so mellow, would never pick a fight. He does not prefer to rough house though! 
10. Behavior w/cats – He’s never been around a cat while I have had him.
11. Crate Training – No problems with a crate. He would rather go with you than into the crate, and will whine a little bit but he eventually is fine.

Specific details

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Age Senior
Gender Male
Size Small
Child Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly Dogs
General Info Spayed/Neutered, Current Shots, Housetrained


Corpus Christi, Texas, United States